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26,90 EUR*
Details Network Security First-Step

Network Security First-Step Network Security first-step Second Edition Tom Thomas and Donald Stoddard Your first step into the world of network security * No security experience required * Includes clear and easily understood explanations * Makes ...

53,45 EUR*
Details Guide to Computer Network Security (Computer Communications and Networks)

Guide to Computer Network Security This book explores security risks and vulnerabilities of computer networks and networked devices, offering improved algorithms and best practices for enhancing system security. This revised, updated edition ...

112,00 EUR*
Details Network Security: Current Status and Future Directions

Network Security This book covers a wide range of topics dealing with network security. It is focused on the current status of security protocols, architectures, implementations and policies. It makes future projections by analyzing current research ...

42,75 EUR*
Details Nmap Network Scanning: The Official Nmap Project Guide to Network Discovery and Security Scanning

Nmap Network Scanning The official guide to the Nmap Security Scanner, a free and open source utility used by millions of people, suits all levels of security and networking professionals.

115,00 EUR*
Details Fundamentals of Network Security (Artech House Telecommunications Library)

Fundamentals of Network Security Many books focus on one operating system when considering network security. John E. Canavan's reference work covers principles and practical applications that can be used with all operating systems. Full description

33,95 EUR*
Details Network Security Through Data Analysis: Building Situational Awareness

Traditional intrusion detection and logfile analysis are no longer enough to protect today's complex networks. In this practical guide, security researcher Michael Collins shows you several techniques and tools for collecting and analyzing network ...

75,99 EUR*
Details Network Security: Private Communication in a Public World (Prentice Hall Series in Computer Networking and Distributed Systems)

Network Security A comprehensible guide to network security. It explains the developments in this field that has become so critical to our global network-dependent society. It brings together insightful explanations of various key facets of ...

158,99 EUR*
Details Statistical Techniques for Network Security: Modern Statistically-Based Intrusion Detection and Protection (Premier Reference Source)

Statistical Techniques for Network Security Intrusion detection and protection is a key component in the framework of the computer and network security area. Although various classification algorithms and approaches have been developed and proposed ...

23,90 EUR*
Details Energy-Aware Security and QoS Routing Trade-offs in Wireless Networks

Energy-Aware Security and Qos Routing Trade-Offs in Wireless Networks This project investigates the relation between the energy as a performance measurement and the security level as well as the QoS routing and power consumption correlation when the ...

63,99 EUR*
Details Introduction to Computer and Network Security: Navigating Shades of Gray

Introduction to Computer and Network Security "This text provides a classroom-tested, practical introduction to software design and implementation, cryptographic tools, and networking issues while addressing social, economic, and political ...

47,44 EUR*
Details Security Power Tools

What if you could sit down with some of the most talented security engineers in the world and ask any network security question you wanted? Security Power Tools" lets you do exactly that! Members of Juniper Networks' Security Engineering team and a ...